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Sad WhatsApp Status

In recent days people are getting more interest in searching and sharing sad statuses on WhatsApp. In our lives, there are different emotions we need to play with and deal with. Expressing our feelings properly is a very challenging issue for all. Sometimes it’s become very difficult to write the correct status, especially sad status, and how we want to express that. Extroverted persons still can express their feelings anyway by talking to their close ones, making videos, etc. 

But the problem arises for introverts. They can’t share their emotions, especially their sad status with their close ones. It’s a major cause of depression even. People are getting more comfortable on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the best messaging to share our emotions. Updated status helps us to be more active there. For sharing a mournful state of mind, a sad WhatsApp status is a good way to share feelings without saying anything.

WhatsApp is the most famous as well as a favorite messaging service all over the world. We can use WhatsApp on our smartphones. For use on the desktop, laptops must use ‘WhatsApp web’. By WhatsApp, we can contact every person with the help of internet service. Not only messages, but different types of videos, images, and files via WhatsApp. 

We can do voice-calling and video-calling on WhatsApp. It’s a big platform to connect with people personally and professionally. Besides the process of sending messages, WhatsApp is now thinking about its users' safety. The updated version of WhatsApp has introduced a very useful feature ‘location sharing feature’. 

Here we can share our exact location with the connected person to meet in a crowded place. This is also helpful for emergency purposes. For WhatsApp status, there are different Apps available on downloading sites. There we can get sad status, love status, happy status, motivational status, etc.

Feeling sad due to breaking up with loved ones whether it's a lover, family member, a pet, or a friend, or being in an unsuccessful in-love relationship hurts a lot. WhatsApp sad status can be with us during a tragedy or during a complicated period. Life is not always doing a fair deal for us, sometimes there are too many moments of sadness that hurt us. 

By changing our status, we can express our present status regularly. For this, our loving close ones will definitely motivate us to overcome the complications. The meaning of ‘sad’ depends on individual personality. Sometimes it feels like a vacant place, where no one else listens to us or cares for us. 

Sometimes it’s like choking on something. There are many kinds of sad statuses for WhatsApp available that help us to convey messages. English Hindi Bengali in all languages we can find appropriate sad WhatsApp statuses for us. The sad status is not only for conveying the message it’s a great way to motivate us in some ways. It helps us to realize the truth, the reality of the time.

 For All Purpose Sad Status–

Always it’s not needed to have a perfect reason for something. Feeling sad can be for any reason. Here is the 20 best sad WhatsApp status in general.

1) My silence is just a different word for my pain.
2) Smiling is not for happiness always, but sometimes to hide sadness.
3) It’s better to live alone than to be played by the wrong person.
4) I close my eyes to recall those moments when I was not all alone.
5) You always get hurt when you start caring.
6) I hate it when crying is the only way to feel better.
7) I know my tears will heal my pain.
8) Loneliness doesn’t allow cheating on anyone.
9) a cry comes from the heart, not from the brain.
10) No one observes your sadness but surely the mistakes.
11) I don’t want to get sad, but life gifts me a lot.
12) I feel lost sometimes.
13) Sometimes pain tells me that am alive.
14) Waiting for death is more painful than death.
15) Being lonely is fine but feeling lonely is worse.
16) When I sit alone... I sit with my past.
17) Please burn the sad memories.
18) Silence is the most powerful cry.
19) I don’t need therapy I need a hug.
20) It hurts being broken because it's never mended.

Breakup Sad Status-

‘Love’ is a great gift from god. All people have a special person in their lives. They feel for them, and they care for them. But life is a full package of good and bad incidents. So eventually, some commitments don’t work out nicely in the long run and bitter situations demand to be separated from each other. That’s a very touchy and mournful condition we have to go through. But life goes on and we need to move forward, otherwise, depression will kill us. In a committed relationship, there are many layers we have to cross. In every layer, different challenges need to be faced and overcome. Sometimes, sharing feelings is a big cure to resolve some problems. It makes us feel more relaxed and stable. So there is some sad status for WhatsApp can help us to accept the reality.

Some most famous breakup sad status is-

1) Trusting you was my decision and break that is yours.
2) Now it’s time to stand alone and realize actually who you are!
3) I hope we meet again...
4) What would have been nice if we hadn't met...
5) My heart can’t love you anymore as you break it into pieces.
6) Forgetting you mean forgetting me too.
7) I was wrong, you are not worthy of my love.
8) Bad relationship changes good people.
9) Trusting you is a big mistake.
10) As much as I care about you, you hurt me back.
11) While playing with me, you never think of me.
12) You broke my trust at the cost of my heart.
13) Your ignorance showed me how bare is my life without you.
14) The best way to mend my heart is to forget you.
15) Among all, the biggest lie is ‘I will never leave you’.
16) Loving you was not a mistake but thinking that you love me it was.
17) My true love will turn you back.
18) When I tried to forget you, started missing you.
19) Our relationship made us one but counted differently.
20) I am lost without your love.

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