What are the Most Effective Workouts With Barbells?

What are the Most Effective Workouts With Barbells?



You want to burn the extra body-fat? Well, that's really difficult by only doing workouts. Apart from workouts, you will also need to eat nourishing food, green vegetables, fruits, sleep well, avoid junk food/oily food/food items containing fat, drink adequate water. When you maintain all these correctly, then doing proper workouts will give you good results. 

Assuming that you are following the points I have mentioned above, let's get started with the fat-burning, weight reducing workouts with barbells

Result-Oriented Workouts with Barbells 

1. Circuit 

2. Kettle Bell 

3. Barbell Curl ISO 

4. Barbell Close Grip Press 

5. Barbell Floor Press 

6. Barbell Zercher Squat Eccentric 

7. Barbell Bent-Over Row ISO 

8. Barbell Lunge- hold between the legs 

9. Overhead Press

10. Hang Power Cleans

11. Shoulder to overhead 

12. Barbell RDL 

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