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Low-Budget Bengali Wedding Menu | Best Menu Items You Can Include On a Tight Budget


Low-Budget Bengali Wedding Menu | Best Menu Items You Can Include On a Tight Budget

If you are a Bengali and have wedding plans and are searching for a low-budget wedding menu, then go through this blog till the end where you will learn a lot about the best wedding menu that suits everyone’s pocket. Let’s go through the menu ideas-

Budget-Friendly Starter Suggestions | কম খরচে বিয়ের মেনু

Appetizers or starters for wedding reception always play a very significant role in setting the mood of any feast and creating the very first and everlasting impression on the guests. These platters, served before the main course, enhance the guest's appetite and set the tempo for enjoying the main course. 


This article will talk about both vegetarian and nonvegetarian starters here. The Bengali wedding menu has no dearth of starter menus and has some unforgettable ones that will make the occasion memorable forever. These Bengali wedding menu platters range from approximately Rs.549/- and onwards. 

You can further skip and add the items mentioned below according to your budget. Various food items are included within this budget, from starters to desserts and they are in the Bengali wedding food menu list below.  

Vegetarian Starters for Low-Budget Bengali Weddings

Nowadays, people have become extremely health conscious and prefer vegetarian options for their wedding starters menu or for the main course as well. Below are some of the unique yet budget-friendly and best menu for Bengali weddings that will make any guest ask for more -   

  • Mochar Chop (Banana Flower Croquette)

Mochar Chop or banana flower fritters are a very common and favourite item for Bengalis. This snack falls among the Bengali snacks that can be a very good starter for any Bengali marriage food menu

The flowers are minced very finely and mixed with flour, seasonings, and occasionally ground mustard seeds. Small patties are then made and then they are dipped in a batter made of besan and deep-fried until they are crispy and brown. They are served with chutneys or tomato sauce.

  • Paneer (Cottage cheese) Tikka

Paneer is a universal item that is liked by both the vegetarian and the nonvegetarian community alike. This makes a lip-smacking starter where the paneer is cut into cubes and marinated in a mixture of yoghurt and assorted spices like tikka masala powder. They are then skewered and grilled on a fire.   

Non-Vegetarian Starters Items

There are some amazingly delicious non-vegetarian starters and they are - 

  • Fried Fish Fingers or Fish Fries

Fish is the emotion for the Bengalis, and they usually consider fish in the very first place. A popular fish dish known as “fish finger” is made from fish that is battered or breaded, then deep-fried or baked. The fish is typically served as a snack, appetizer, or main meal and cut into long, thin strips or small bits.

The life of almost all Bengalis revolves around The Fish and they are considered to be very auspicious if served in a wedding. Fish fingers are made in the shape of fingers and are a deep-fried item. The fish fries are diamond-shaped and are breaded or battered fried fish. They are both served with either mustard sauce or tomato ketchup.     

  • Kababs (Smoked Chicken and Mutton)

Kebabs are mostly marinated meat items grilled slowly over a charcoal fire and served with green chutney. Chicken or mutton are marinated in yoghurt, kebab masala and more. These extremely tasty and popular wedding starters can be an excellent accompaniment to the main course.  

The Main Course

The main course is a vital part of every Bengali marriage menu, and it has a large plate ready for visitors. But today, this has essentially evolved into a buffet service. Two types of food items are available in the main Bengali Biyer menu, which is discussed below. 

After the starters, the main course is served and is often the centre of attraction for almost all the guests. It is also served in the buffet form as well. Here also, a traditional Bengali wedding serves vegetarian and nonvegetarian courses. Here are the items -    

Vegetarian Main Course

Any Bengali wedding takes care of its veg and nonveg-loving guests alike and welcomes them with open arms. The traditional Bengali wedding serves some amazing vegetarian items in their main course and they are -  

  • Luchi (puffed, deep-fried bread) Or Koraishutir Kochuri (stuffed puri)

The Luchi or Kochuri are items that are served in almost all traditional Bengali wedding menus or Bengali Aiburobhat menus and are often accompanied by yellow lentils or Cholar dal or alu dum. The Luchi is served plain and the kachori is served with stuffing. The traditional Bengali Koraishutir Kochuri is generally on the winter Bengali wedding food menu. This is a Star Item of any main course and is of course a low-budget Bengali wedding menu.  

  • Alu Dum (Potatoes Cooked in Gravy)

This is a very low-budget and universal dish served on most traditional Bengali wedding meals. This fabulous dish is often served as a side dish on the main course. This item can be served with Luchi, Kochuri, pulao, and fried rice, the traditional accompaniments for any menu for a Bengali wedding. Guests love it is both simple and delicious.

  • Channar Dalna (Cottage Cheese dumplings in Gravy)

Chanar Dalna is an ancient dish that is loved by each and every Bengali wedding guest. This is a dish made of freshly made cottage cheese balls and potatoes dipped in rich gravy. It is very rich in texture but very under-spiced.   

  • Echorer Dalna (Raw Jackfruit Curry)

Echorer Dalna, also known as raw jackfruit curry, is a popular dish at Bengali Biye baris. A summer wedding wouldn't be complete without this meaty vegetable cooked in a flavourful curry.

Non-Vegetarian Dishes in Main Course

Bengalis highly prefer non-veg food items and have added various non-veg food items to their Bengali Wedding Menu or wedding reception menu list. Those delicious non-veg food items are discussed below.

Bengalis are great lovers of fish and have great preferences for non-vegetarian dishes as well. This deep-seated love for the nonveg has resulted in the inclusion of some delicious low-budget wedding menu items and they are -   

  • Chicken Biryani (Mixed Rice with Chicken)

Nowadays, traditional Bengali weddings have seen the entry of the Biryani culture in the most prominent way. It features in almost every Bengali wedding now. It is a platter of mixed rice cooked with herbs, spices and chicken. And is served with raita which is made of yoghurt, pudina, fenugreek, etc.   

  • Chicken Chaap (Marinated Chicken in Thick Oily Gravy)

Chicken falls in a low-budget menu for a Bengali wedding, a traditional dish made with marinated chicken cooked with a wide range of spices and herbs. It is typically served with Biryani and has become a delicacy that is en vogue in today’s Bengali weddings. 

  • Ilish Vapa (Steamed Hilsa)

Boneless fillets of Hilsa fish are seasoned with mustard paste, then wrapped in plantain leaves and cooked over low heat. This dish is served as a highlight at a traditional Bengali wedding feast.

  • Kosha Mangsho (Dry, Spicy Mutton)

Bengalis have a passion for good food and hospitality. Chicken and mutton, two different types of meat, have both found their way onto the wedding menu or bou bhat menu. In Kolkata, mutton kosha is a sure bet for any wedding caterer. Pieces of mutton are cooked till tender and served in a rich, spicy sauce. The dish pairs well with pulao, biryani, naan or other types of flatbreads.

  • Chingri Malaikari (Tiger Prawn in Coconut Gravy) 

Bengalis have a deep and abiding passion for prawns. Chingri macher malai curry, made with tiger prawn and coconut milk, tomatoes, and spices, is one of Bengal's most popular items. This can feature in the best wedding menu or Biyer menu Bengali for sure.

  • Fish Paturi (Steamed Fish in Banana Leaves)

Fish Paturi, according to a reputable caterer in Kolkata, is another popular choice among guests at weddings. Hilsa and Bhetki are two of the most commonly used fish in this dish, but you can use whatever fish you like. The fish is marinated in a variety of spices (mustard, chilli, salt, turmeric, etc.) before being steamed in plantain leaves. Any time of day, this dish is considered a delicacy in Bengal.

The Sweet Dishes or The Dessert

The Bengalis are famous for their sweet-tooth and all the traditional Bengali weddings try to feed their guests as many varieties of sweet dishes as possible.  

  • Sweet Chutney and Papad (Sweet Pickle and Lentil Wafer)

The main course ends with the chutney and the crunchy papad and marks the end of the wedding feast. A variety of sweet chutneys are served according to the season like the mango, the pineapple, the papaya (plastic chutney) or the mixed fruit chutney.

  • Rosogolla (Cottage Cheese in Sugar Syrup)

Every Bengali marriage menu list ends with a sweet note, so sweets are a must. And Rosogolla leads the list of sweet dishes served at any wedding. It steals the show when it comes to wedding desserts. This mesmerising dessert is made with fresh cottage cheese or chana boiled and soaked in clear sugar syrup. 

  • Sandesh (Kneaded Sweet Cottage Cheese)

After Rosogolla, the next sweet dish that steals everyone’s heart is the famous Kolkata Sondesh or the kneaded cottage cheese flavoured with sugar, dry fruits, and many other additions. They come in widely different varieties.    

  • Misti Doi (Sweet Curd)

It is perfectly okay to say that Mishti Doi is ingrained in the sentiment of all the Bengali fraternity globally, so their most preferred dish to end a wedding feast is none other than the Mishti doi. 

Some Other Bengali Low-Cost Wedding Menu Ideas

Let’s talk about some more budget-friendly menus for the marriage reception or for others that can be added to make the feast a grand one. Have a look at these specially curated ones- 

  1. Chingri Chop (Tiger Prawn Croquette)

A starter that perfectly serves as a tea-time snack in almost all Bengali families, can be a wonderful addition to the wedding starter ideas of any traditional wedding. Chingri chop is itself a delicacy that is sometimes made with boiled shrimp or from a single tiger prawn enveloped in a boiled potato coating. The croquette can be a show-stopper if done to perfection. Boiled prawns are combined with raisins, ginger and Indian spices before being deep-fried to create a dish with a delicate balance. 

  1. Begun Bhaja (Fried Brinjal)

The crispy warm Begun Bhaja is a perfect accompaniment with Luchi and steamed rice along with ghee. Begun Bhaja is made by finely slicing the brinjals. Then they are coated with spices and pan-fried till they take the golden-brown colour and become crunchy and crispy. Begun Bhaja is perhaps the best accompaniment for beginning the main course that serves steamed Basmati rice or Luchi.

  1. Potoler Dolma (Stuffed Pointed Gourd)

Potol is Parwal or the pointed gourd in Bengali while Dolma means stuffing with vegetables or fish mixed with Indian spices. The Potoler Dolma are of two types and they can be both vegetarian and nonvegetarian. The vegetarian Potoler Dolma is stuffed Potol with paneer and dry fruits and dipping it into a curry. The non-veg type has the stuffing of Prawns or fish and adds it to the gravy. Both of these are quite cost-effective among the wedding dinner ideas on a budget.

  1. Dhokar Dalna (Deep-fried-spicy Lentil Cakes in Gravy)

This is a traditional Bengali platter that consists of deep-fried spicy lentil cakes or koftas dipped in a curry made of tomatoes and other spices. Dhokar Dalna comes in two forms – one is the gravy version and the other is the dry dish and goes well with any kind of rice dish like pulao, plain rice, etc.


The items mentioned above are the most affordable budget-friendly and popular dishes served in a traditional Bengali wedding menu or reception menu items. We sincerely hope that your search for a low-budget Bengali wedding menu will definitely find its items here after you complete reading this blog.

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