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101 Bengali Aiburobhat Quotes | Special Bride and Groom Quotes in Bengali


101 Bengali Aiburobhat Quotes | Special Bride and Groom Quotes in Bengali              

One of the most memorable days of anyone's life is their wedding. The bride and the groom may have been dreaming about it since they were a child. As they meet their other half, it takes a lot of effort to make the day perfect. And all of it starts with Aiburobhat. Wait no more, here we have come up with the best Aiburobhat captions in Bengali.


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If you are about to conduct an event and leave a wealth of memories behind, then wait. What is Aiburobhat or what makes the day perfect of all remains a constant question. One such way the day can be enhanced is by using Aiburobhat quotes. Some of the quotes you can use are mentioned below for you to look at. 

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101 Best and Popular Bengali Wedding Captions

What Do You Mean by "Aiburobhat"?

Before you know about Bengali Aiburobhat quotes, let's find out what this day means. Well, it can be understood as an event that takes place right before the wedding day. It describes the final supper that one eats as a maiden or a bachelor where the whole family gathers and celebrates this dinner. Both the bride and the groom are invited to this party where they look best. 

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The venue is lavishly decorated using Aiburobhat quotes. In English terms, Aiburobhat is often called the Bengali Bridal Shower. At this event, different types of cuisines are cooked including meat, seafood, desserts, Mishti doi and more. Also, the bride and the groom are free to enjoy their day fully and receive special treatment. 

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Some Popular Aiburobhat Quotes to Take a Look At | Bengali Bridal Shower Captions in English | Bengali Wedding and Aiburobhat Captions in English | Easy Aiburobhat Quotes in Bengali | Special Aiburobhat Caption in Bengali

Below are the few best Bengali Aiburobhat quotes you can check out by reading until the end. 

  • Biye korar ortho hochhe nijer odhikarer ordhek kore newa aar kortobyo ke digun kora. 

  • বিয়ে করার অর্থ হচ্ছে নিজের অধিকারের অর্ধেক করে নেওয়া আর কর্তব্যকে দ্বিগুণ করা |

A newly-wed couple with Bengali caption on marriage

  • Bhalobasar kotha ta bibaher kothar theke beshi jyanto.

  • ভালোবাসার কথাটা বিবাহের কথার থেকে বেশি জ্যান্ত |

  • Bibahito purush o'bibahito purush theke beshi din bache. Kintu bibahito purush der morar icche besi.

  • বিবাহিত পুরুষ অবিবাহিত পুরুষের থেকে বেশি দিন বাঁচে। কিন্তু, বিবাহিত পুরুষদের মড়ার ইচ্ছে বেশি।  

  • Biyer aagey purush jante pare naa je sukh aashole ki. Jokhun bujhte pari tokhun besh deri hoye geche. 

  • বিয়ের আগে পুরুষ জানতে পারে না যে সুখ আসলে কি; যখন বুঝতে পারে, তখন বেশ দেরি হয়ে গেছে।

  • A newly-wed couple looking at each other, a Bengali caption on love

  • Bibaher Icche Protoshar Mrityu. 

  • বিবাহের ইচ্ছে প্রত্যাশার মৃত্যু।

  • Biyer saathe teen ti rong jorito - engagement rong, wedding rong, ar suffering rong. 

  • বিয়ের সাথে তিনটি রং জড়িত - engagement রং, wedding রং, aar suffering রং

These were some of the famous Aiburobhat quotes that can be used by any person at a wedding. They can create banners and labels using these quotes. Also, pictures can be posted and these Bengali Biye quotes can be used as captions. 

Aiburobhat Quotes in English to Check Out | Best Bengali Aiburobhat Quotes | Best Bengali Wedding Quotes | Best Aiburobhat Quotes in Bengali | Best Aiburobhat Captions in Bengali

Some of the Bengali wedding quotes you can use in English are given below. 

  • You have set the standards so high as a bride that one will call anyone beautiful after days. 

  • When the bride is happy, the sun shines on her.

  • Ending bachelorette sweety to get a new start. 

  • Beauty does not lie in the eyes of the beholder but the groom. 

  • Time for two hearts and one soul to intertwine forever. 

  • Marriage is a unity of two families and not just two souls. 

  • All eyes were on the bride while the eyes of the bride would be only on the groom. 

  • Loss of pride and victory of love. 

These are some of the English Aiburobhat quotes that one can use. All these Aiburobhat quotes in Bengali are unique in their own way and would leave everyone amazed as you say these lines. 

What are the Rituals that are Followed in the Aiburobhat? 

Several rituals are followed in the Aiburobhat where you may find the need to use the Bengali bride quotes. Some of these rituals are given below 

  • Offering Blessings 

In the first stage of Aiburobhat, blessings are offered to the bride and the groom as they are about to start their new journey of life. They are given new clothes alongside accessories to wear. Besides that, they are offered extravagant meals which they enjoy with other bachelors.

  • Performing Arti 

In the second ritual, performing arti takes place where they seek blessing from Gods. The Aarti takes place just like any other aarti with diya on the plate. 


  • Exchanging Gifts 

Lastly, gifts are exchanged which the bride is given by their friends and family members. Usually, clothes are given on this auspicious day. But one can also give accessories and other items of their choice. If you can engrave some of these Bengali Aiburobhat quotes on the gift item, of course, it will attract every family member. It would be a nice gesture!

How Can You Use the Bengali Quotes?

The Bengali Aiburobhat quotes can be used in different ways during the event. Here are the few moments which you can seize by using the quotations. 

  • On Welcoming Banner 

A place where the Bengali Aiburobhat quotes can be used is the welcoming banner. On the welcoming banner, you can print a picture of the bride and the groom beside their name alongside the quotation. Wouldn't it look perfect when the guests entering the venue would read it all and find it unique? 

  • On the Cake 

Usually, the names of the bride and groom are written on the cake. Well, this time when you get a cake for an event like Aiburobhat, you can choose to use quotations of your choice. Also, you can seek suggestions from the ones that are mentioned above.

  • On the Gifts 

Next on the list are the gifts where the bride and Bengali groom quotes can be used. You can write your name and also add a note along with the popular quotes to bring a smile to the face or crack a joke badly to make them giggle. 

  • During Toast 

At events where family and friends are gathered together - making a toast becomes a usual part. So when it's your time to make a toast in Bengali, you can use any of these Aiburobhat quotes in Bengali. Surely it would make everyone laugh in the crowd and create a moment that must be cherished forever.

  • As Captions 

Lastly comes the captions where you can use the quotes. Usually, after the event is over, people use social media platforms to post pictures and show their love for the new couple. As you put these unique Aiburobhat quotes on the photos, it will definitely set a new standard.


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