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Coorg Weather


Coorg is one of the best places for nature lovers. The official name 'Kodagu' is located in the Western Ghats hill of Karnataka. The picturesque beauty of Coorg is embossed with greenery and dazzling flowers. It’s basically popular for coffee production. The place offers a great opportunity for adventurous trekking and rock climbing. The place is popularly known as “the Scotland of India” and ‘Kashmir of South’. Coorg weather mostly is pleasant in all seasons of the year. On weekends from different places in south India, people go to Coorg. Bangalore to Coorg, Chennai to Coorg, Mysore to Coorg is the easiest ways to travel.

Weather in Coorg

The weather is majorly pleasant throughout the year in the lush green hilly area of Coorg. The temperature is around 30 degrees up-down. Mainly summer monsoon and winter, these three major seasons can be observed in Coorg weather. But its basic weather is a tropical monsoon climate. So let’s have a look at the weather pattern of this area-

Summer (March to May)

Most tourists often visit Coorg in summer. During this season, the temperature moves around 20 degrees. In the months of April and May the breeze from the green hills, the aroma of the coffee, gives great relief to the brainpower. From March, slowly the climate starts to change for the upcoming rainy season. The temperature also goes a little down. 

Monsoon (June to September)

The fertile green landscape of Coorg gives an amazing view of the monsoon. But it’s basically off-season for tourists, though recently people are going to Coorg only to enjoy the monsoon. The view of Wet Coorg is awesome. In the initial months of monsoon, medium rainfall observes but in the ending months, the force of the shower goes higher. The temperature is moderate around 15 degrees Celsius.

Winter (October to February)

Winter starts in Coorg in October. In October, the weather is bearable, cooler than monsoon, and also a little dry. Chilly winds start to flow from the hills. But officially from December, the temperature falls down around 10 degree Celsius. People enjoy the green hills in winter, it gives another type of thrilling winter without snowfalls. Most of the visitors come to Coorg this time.

For Coorg weather, though tourists' peak season is from October to May, still, all over the year people visit the place for its decent weather. Every season, Coorg gives different types of delight to its tourists. So the travellers, whenever you want, just pack your bag and come to explore the ‘Scotland of India’ Coorg.

Beautiful Visiting Places in Coorg

The alluring hill station Coorg has a great appeal to nature lovers. Coorg weather, stunning landscapes, widely spread coffee plantations, green forests, and mesmerizing falls will surely win the hearts of travellers. So let’s explore the lush green town of Karnataka.


·        Madikeri 


MMadikeri is the capital of Kodagu (Coorg). This place is famous for its huge coffee and cardamom plantations. The small picturesque city is beautifully set up in the hills of Western Ghats.


·         Abbey Falls


   Abbey Falls is one of the most fantastic places to see in Coorg. The hanging bridge is made on the opposite right side of the falls. The flow from the Kaveri River naturally made this an excellent place. It is 8 km away from Madikeri town.

o   Visiting time - 9 am to 5 pm.
o   Entry fee - Rs. 15/-


·         Iruppu Falls 

  Iruppu falls in the Brahmagiri range and is famous for its natural beauty. Locally these falls are also known as the ‘Lakshmana Tirtha Falls’. For local people, it’s a very popular picnic spot
o   Visiting time – 6 am to 6 pm.
o   Entry fee - Rs. 60/-


           Brahmagiri Peak 

Brahmagiri Peak is the second-highest peak in Coorg. It’s a lovely spot full of mist-topped hills and immense greenery. There are a lot of streams that can be seen on the way to the peak. Brahmagiri wildlife is very popular. The flora and fauna give a good experience of adventure.

o   Visiting time – 6 am to 6 pm.

o   Entry fee – to visit only- Rs. 200/- (for Indians) and 1000/- (for foreigners)
o   For trekking- Rs. 200/- for Guide- 500/-


·                    Raja’s Seat       

     This place is located in Madikeri town, considered to be a beautiful place in Coorg. From here the scenic view of the sunset, the green valley covered with cottony clouds, and bright colourful seasonal flowers are excellent.

o   Visiting time- for the view- 5.30 am to 7.30 pm (weekdays and weekends)
o   For musical fountain- 7 pm (weekdays)  &  6.45 to 7.20 (weekends)
o   Entry Fee- Rs. 5/- for the garden and Rs. 20/- for a toy train.


·         Dubare Elephant Camp 

  Relish a fun day with the elephants in the Dubare Elephant Camp. More than 150 elephants are habitants in the camp. Enjoy different activities around them, like watching their playful bathing, feeding them (with the guidance of the mahouts), and also enjoy the ride to the Kaveri River. Adventure lovers can also experience white-water rafting in the river.

o   Visiting time- 8.30 am to 11 am / 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm
o   Entry Fee- Rs. 690 /- to Rs. 1330/- (for Indians) &
                Rs. 1467 – Rs. 2270 (for Foreigners)


·         Nagarhole National Park 

    Besides the Nagarhole River (the river of snakes), Nagarhole is an exciting gift for wildlife lovers. The park is home to most of the south Indian species of animals, especially Asiatic elephants, spotted tigers, leopards, and various types of birds. Along with the animals here around 270 species of birds infuse the park.

o   Visiting time- 6 am to 9 am / 4pm to 6.30 pm
o   Entry Fee- Rs. 50/- (for Indians)
         Rs. 150 (for Foreigners)
o   Camera Fee- Rs. 50/-


·         Bylakuppe 

This place is a collection of a number of Tibetan monasteries along with a golden temple. It is the second-largest Tibetan settlement in India. Among all the monasteries, the great gompa of Sera Je and Sera Mey is the main monasteries. It is a must-visit place in Coorg. The peaceful atmosphere restrains the negative energy of the mind.
For trekking lovers, there are two very famous places in Coorg. The best season for trekking is from October to March.


·         Thadiyandamol (Trekking Special Place)     

 Thadiyandamol is the tallest peak in Coorg. It is situated at the centre of the Thadiyandamol Range. From the peak, the view of the whole range, as well as the whole Coorg, is marvellous. It’s a very favourite place of the trekkers. Nearby the ‘Padi Igguthappa's temple is very famous for the inhabitants.


·         Kote Betta (Trekking Special Place) 

   After Thadiyandamol and Brahmagiri peaks, Kote Betta is the third highest peak in Coorg. Kote Betta is a perfect place for trekking in Coorg.

Things to Do in Coorg

Apart from visiting different overwhelming places in Coorg, there are lots of adventurous, thrilling activities that are enjoyable. And all those activities are pocket-friendly also. So without wasting time let’s check out the activities-


Bathe The Playful Elephants 

it’s the most fun-loving activity people can do in Coorg Dubare Elephant Camp. This is very popular there.


·      Try Tibetan Food

In south India besides the authentic south Indian idli dosa sambar payasam, you can also enjoy the delicious Tibetan food in Coorg.


·         Trek Through The Jungles And Hills 

This activity is the favourite among youngsters. The lush green wide jungles and green hills attract the trekkers the most.


·         Pandi Curry And Akki Roti

     A unique dish of Coorg. ‘Pandi curry’ is made of pork. Majorly the inhabitants are non-vegetarian. These items are must-try in Coorg.


·         Camp Under the Sky

       This is one of the thrilling activities. Trekkers and adventure-loving people surely enjoy the experience.  


·         Fishing and River Rafting 

Both activities are very famous in Coorg. If you set your camp beside the lakes and have fishing equipment then your day will be perfect. For more adventure, you can enjoy river rafting in the Barapole River.

How to Reach Coorg?

Coorg is one of the favourite places for a small weekend trip. After the very toilsome hectic work of the week, Coorg weather and its natural beauty is a perfect place for relaxation. People from Bangalore Mysore Chennai often visit Coorg at weekends with family and friends. In winter they come for even a one-day picnic. Its soothing picturesque scenic beauty refreshes the mind and a boost to the body and mind as well. So let’s discuss the different ways to Coorg.

Bangalore to Coorg

·         Bangalore to Coorg distance is approx 265 km.

Bangalore to Coorg Train

      There is no exact “Coorg station” in Coorg. And so no direct train is available. The closest station to reach Coorg is Mysore. From there avail car. The distance is approx 88 km. Plan according to that. A total of 6.5 hours takes to reach Coorg via train. Kannur Express, Tippu Express, and Karwar Express are available.

Bangalore to Coorg Bus

  Gowri-Shankar Travels, Greenline Service, and Ashwini Travels are a few famous bus services available to reach Bangalore to Coorg.

Mysore to Coorg

·         Mysore to Coorg distance is approx 120 km.
·         By bus or car is the best option for Coorg.

Chennai to Coorg

·         Chennai to Coorg distance is approx 586 km.
·       Mysore Express, Kaveri Express, and Shatabdi Express are the popular trains available from Chennai to Coorg.
·         From Chennai to different places, like Mangalore, Kannur, Iritty, and Gonikoppal of Coorg few buses are available.

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