Things to do in Mandarmani Beach

Things to Do in Mandarmani


West Bengal has a variety of places for a small trip. Hills, riverside valleys, forests, islands, and sea-beach all together you explore in this small state. There are many eye-catching spots in west Bengal like Shantiniketan- Biswabharati, Bankura- Bishnupur terracotta temples, Teesta River valleys, different small hill towns spread in Darjeeling area, Farakka, and Mython Dam, Mayapur-Iskon Temple, Digha- Mandarmani- Tajpur- Sankarpur- Talsari Beach, etc. At weekends people generally took small trips to these places. In all seasons you can visit different places. Every place has its own seasonal attraction. The places will never bore you. So for the weekend trip, Mandarmani is the best place. Friends and couples can have a gala time together. There are many things to do in Mandarmani. Many resorts and hotels are available. Oyo rooms in Mandarmani are also available at a good price.


The Bay of Bengal is a great relief to the West Bengal people. It has many small beaches. And nowadays many more beach areas are developing. Among all the beaches of West Bengal, Mandarmani is the most popular one. It is the longest-drivable beach in India. It is located in the East Midnapore district. The beach is very wide and calm.

How to Reach Mandarmani?

It’s very easy to reach Mandarmani beach by bus, private car or train. Let’s check out how to reach the destination. Total 172 km distance to cover from Kolkata to Mandarmani.

1) Private Car 

If you are travelling by private car from Kolkata then straight drive to Digha-Kolkata road. First, you have to reach a point called Chawalkhola. From here you will turn left and follow the Mandarmani village road. The road is a little broken; you have to drive carefully.   

2) Local Volvo Bus

If you are traveling by Kolkata by local bus then you need to get down in Chawalkhola stoppage. From then hire a Toto (motor-rickshaw), cycle-rickshaw, or auto straight to Mandarmani beach. If you are coming from Digha then hire an auto or tracer car. 

3) Train 

If you are traveling by train then the nearest stations are Contai and Digha. Many trains are available from Kolkata. FromContai or Digha stations or bus stands hire a Toto (motor-rickshaw), cycle-rickshaw, or auto straight to Mandarmani beach. 

Cost to Reach Mandarmani

In Kolkata from Esplanade, State Transport Buses are available. 

Ticket price 130.

Several deluxe coaches run daily. The ticket price is 100- 110.

White liners are also a good option for travel. It departs from Esplanade at 7:30 AM. 

The ticket price- is 205  
For privately hired cars the cost varies as per the owners. 

Things to Do in Mandarmani

To get rid of toilsome week Mandarmani can be a great option. The breeze of the sea surely will revive your energy and mind. There are various activities around the beach. Various types of rides you can enjoy here. Like-

[1] Banana Boat Ride 

The rides on a banana-like boat in the sea will surely give you fun and enjoyable moments. These boats are the speciality of Mandarmani. 

[2Jet Ski 

Like other famous beaches, you can enjoy the jet-ski thrill in Mandarmani also. So enjoy the ride and make your trip memorable.   

[3ATV Bike Ride

Mandarmani Beach is the longest drivable beach and if you are a bike lover then you can have the ultimate thrill of an ATK bike ride around the beach. 

Apart from these activities, if you are a non-vegetarian and food lover then you can also enjoy the seafood. Lobster, pomfret another various types of food items you can try there. It is very delicious and cheap also.

There are few sight scenes near the Mandarmani beach. If you have some time then can visit those places. It will not disappoint you.

Nearest Beaches to Mandarmani Sea Beach

i) Digha Beach  

It will take approx one hour to get there.

ii) Tajpur Beach 

It will take approx 40mins to reach there.

Places to Explore near Mandarmani Sea Beach

A) Mohona and Fish Market  

It will take approx one hour to get there.

B) Marine Aquarium 

It will take approx one hour to get there.


Hotels in Mandarmani

Mandarmani has numerous luxurious and under-budget hotels. All the price of the hotels varies according to their positions and facilities. From the number of hotel rooms, you can enjoy the view and the gentle breeze of the sea. Let’s see what hotels are available like- Hotel Sonar Bangla, Aqua Marina Drive Inn, Anutri Beach Resort, Sun View The Resort, Viceroy Beach and Spa Resort, etc.

A hut-type beach cottage at Mandarmani Beach

Mandarmani Beach Cottage

Suggested for you:

There are some best Oyo rooms available in Mandarmani. Oyo Rooms fastest growing hotel chain. It is mainly famous for hospitality and budget hotels. Like other places in Mandarmani also it gives the best experience with ultimate comfort, behaviour, security and of course, the natural view let’s check out some Oyo Rooms in Mandarmani.

1)   Oyo 3040 Hotel Zaika Inn
2)   Oyo 9550 Shinjini Resort
3)   OYO 15679 Hotel Gloria
4)   OYO 17122 Liv Sea Valley
5)   Resort Mandarmani
6)   Oyo 12318 Hotel Sea Horse
7)   OYO 16101 Samrat Holiday Inn

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