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India is a country with different cultures and religions. Many personal occasions are celebrated all over India. Among all occasions, the wedding is one of the most famous and grand ones. It is a very special event. All the people want to make this gala event as excellent as they can. At the wedding, we all know that in this event the decorations, venue, the caterer is how much important. But the most crucial part of making a hit event is the catering service. When it comes to Bengalis food is the most important part of their lives. They are the foodiest community in India. So at a Bengali wedding, a huge variety of menus can be enjoyed. Many traditional recipes are served on the Bengali wedding menu. Among all the menus Macher Jhol (fish curry) and Kochi Pathar Jhol (mutton curry) are the most emotional love for Bengalis. At weddings, apart from the batch sitting service of food, the buffet is very much preferable now. So, as a result, the best buffet in Kolkata also you can easily be found here.

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The Bengali Wedding | All Rituals Performed at Any Bengali Wedding

Every part and community of India enjoys a different style of wedding. They all respect their tradition and culture proudly. Like other communities in Bengali weddings also have numerous combinations of rituals, which are very sweet and beautiful and loving to experience. So now it’s the time to share the long process of rituals and traditions step by step. 

Let’s see them one by one-

1. Aiburobhat

The rice is eaten by a bachelor or spinster from the paternal house before the wedding.

Find out the easiest Bengali Aiburobhat Menu that fits your budget and satisfies the guests as well. 

2. Dodhi Mangal 

The last food as a bachelor or spinster from the paternal house before the wedding.

3. Vridhi Puja 

In this ritual to remember the ancestors and take blessings from them.

4. Wearing Shakha-Pola 

For the first time, the bride will wear the Saankha and Pola (the combination of two iconic red and white bangles, only used by Bengali married women) as a married woman. 

Find out: Why do Bengali brides wear Saankha and Pola when they get married?

5. Tattya Ritual 

Numbers of trays full of useful things about bride-groom and token gifts for their relatives.

6. Gaye Halud

A paste of raw turmeric is applied on both the bridegroom before the wedding. 

7. Bar Baran

Welcome the groom to the wedding. Generally, the mother of the bride does this ritual. 

8. Ashirbad

Blessing the groom by the elder family members before the wedding. 

9. Subhadrishti-Mala Badal

It is a very sweet ritual where the bride-groom see each other in wedding makeup, and exchange the garlands with each other. And the friends, family members, and cousins make funny comments and tease them a lot. 

10. Saat Paak 

The bride-groom takes 7 rounds around the holy fire along with the wedding mantras. 

11. Sindoor Daan 

The bride for the first time put Sindoor (holy red powder) on the groom’s forehead 

12. Bashor Raat

After the wedding, the bridegroom is taken to a room for a group gathering of young friends and cousins. 

13. Bidai 

Sending the bride-groom to the groom’s house after the wedding. It’s a very emotional ritual where the bride leaves her house and starts a new journey with all new people. 

14. Kone Baran 

Welcoming the bride to her new house for the first time. The new house gradually becomes the permanent address for the rest of her life.

15. Stree Achar 

Various types of rituals are performed by the new bride. 

16. Bou-Bhat 

In this ritual, the groom takes all the responsibility of the bride for the all life-long.   

17. Phool-Sajya

After all the rituals this is the ritual where the room of the new bride-groom is decorated very nicely for their cosiness and spend time together alone. 

Best Bengali Wedding Menu

Besides all the interesting rituals and traditions, the best part of the event is the catering service. Different types of mouth-watering delicious items like Macher Jhol, and Roshogolla Mishti doi are served at the Bengali wedding. Both the traditional and the modernized recipes can be observed in Bengali weddings. 

As Macher Jhol is a very important dish, season-wise they use different types of fish for the clients.

Let’s see what are the menus popularly served-


·       Different types of pakoras and kebabs made with fish, egg, chicken, baby corn, onion, potato, etc.
·         Different flavoured soft drinks, mock tales
·         Coffee, tea

Main Course

  •  Peas kachori, Radha Ballavi, baby nun, butter nun
  •  Stuffed potato curry, Navratan korma, paneer curry
  • Fish (Vetki) butter fry, kebabs, Chingri Malaikari (steamed prawn curry with coconut and mustered) 
  •  Different types of fish Paturi (fish wrapped with banana leaves and cooked in steam), Katla macher jhol 
  •  Peas pulao, Basanti pulao (yellow sweet rice), fried rice, plain rice
  •  Biriyani 
  •  Chicken rezala, chicken kasha, mutton kasha, mutton rezala


·         Different flavoured chutney (papaya, mango, tomato, mixed fruit)
·          Papad
·         Roshogolla, pantua, rajbhog, Kamala bhog
·         Sandesh
·         Mishit doi (sweet curd)
·          Ice- cream
·         Paan          

Catering Service in Kolkata

In Kolkata, there are many buffet catering services available for the Bengali wedding. They customized their recipes as per customer request.  Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian services are available. In non-veg items, Katla Macher Jhol is a priority and in veg items, paneer is very much preferable.

The caterer service takes all the responsibilities regarding food and beverages. They provide all the required things for the event. As per the budget of the client they provide services. So when hiring them the requirements should be crystal clear. Their priority is to satisfy their clients.

Apart from this, one more thing that has to remember, choosing the correct catering service. Check their past records, check reviews then hire them. Or else the most awaited event can be ruined forever. so choosing the catering service is a very important matter.

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