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101 Bengali Wedding Captions | Wedding Quotes in Bengali


101 Bengali Wedding Captions | Wedding Quotes in Bengali   

A wedding is not just a unity of two souls but two families. When a wedding happens, people get together to dance, sing, party along, exchange blessings, gifts and more. Among all the other things that happen in a wedding, taking pictures or sending heartfelt messages is constant. 

Best Bengali Wedding Captions

And when pictures are clicked or messages are sent, people often search for the best ways to describe their emotions through words. Depending on what relationship you may share with the couple, you can use a wedding caption in Bengali accordingly. Some of the best ideas that you can pick from to craft unique and heartfelt messages are listed below.

Best Instagram Captions for a Bengali Girl

Best Instagram Captions for a Bengali Girl

Happy Wishes and Quotes for a Bengali Wedding

If searching for happy wishes and Bengali wedding captions, then check out the below for some ideas. These can be used if you have a heartfelt message to deliver to the “ bride” or “groom“ to be.

  • True love is rare and real. And you both are the proof of it. 

  • Watching you get married to the love of your life was one of my dreams. And in just a few days, it will be fulfilled. 

  • Where there is love, there is both of you. 

  • Love is a luxury and not everyone can treasure or utilize it in the best way like you both did. 

  • You both have been a living example of love for each one of us. Thank you.

Funny Wedding Quotes for a Bengali Wedding in English and Bengali 

Some of the funny wedding quotes for a Bengali wedding that you can write down are given below. These can be used by siblings, friends or even colleagues.

  • It was a really difficult decision for her to choose you but your tolerance to her annoyance made it successful. Cheers to more years to come.

  • Lokera pagol hoye. R jokhon ekta pagol onno pagoler sathe mishe jay, tokhon take bhalobasha bole.

  • লোকেরা পাগল হয়, আর যখন একজন পাগল অন্য আরেকজন পাগলের সাথে মিশে যায়, তখন ভালোবাসার সৃষ্টি হয়

  • Asha kori tumi bar bar kore preme poro, nijer hubby er sathe. 

  • আশা করি তুমি বার বার করে প্রেমে পড়ো, নিজের hubby এর সাথে।

  • Biye mane prem ar prem holo ondho. Tar mane biye holo ekta ondho de upojukto protisthan.

  • Biye shudhu ekta bou ke badi te niye asha hoye na. Biye mane holo tar joto chinta ebar tomar. 

  • Eta bola sothik je bhalobasa ondho. Kintu er theke bodo sotti kotha holo ke biye chokh khule daye.

  • Eta sotthi kotha je chele ra shadhin jonmaye. Kintu tar pore kichu gulo chelera biye kore fele.

Bengali bride and groom

Romantic Wedding Quotes in Bengali 

Below are a few romantic marriage quotes in Bengali mentioned below that you can pick from. These can be sent if you share a relationship of friendship with the bride or groom.

  • Asha kori tomar bibaher jibon bhalobasaye kete jae.

  • We wish that there is an everlasting love that grows between both of you. 

  • May you both love each other regardless of what life throws at you. 

  • Amra bhogoban ke kokhuno dekhi ni. Kintu jekhane bhalobasha thake sekhane bhogoban baas koren. Eta Bhogoban er icche ar prem je tomra ajke ek hoyecho.

  • We hope that no debt remains outstanding apart from the debt of love that you have for each other.

  • Nijer moner prem ke kono din sondeho korbe naa. Ayi prem ta sob kere nite paare 

Wedding Quotes in Bengali 

If you want to write a quote for the newlywed in your mother tongue that is Bengali, then here are a few ideas to choose from.

  • Ekta mahapurush bole chilen je tini kono din sukh ki jante parlen naa. Tar por onar biye hoye gelo. Aj pojonto tini sukh ki janen naa.

  • Marriage is like a violin. Firstly the music may be soothing to the ears. But once it stops, it gets too late as the strings get attached.

  • Ekta Bibaho tokhon e successful hoye jokhon dewa ar newa cholte thake. Mane shami tar kaaj holo debar ar bou er kaaj holo nebar 

  • It is only possible through marriage when a woman gets a finger in her ring and a man gets two under his eyes.

Wedding Captions in Bengali 

When wanting to write a wedding caption in Bengali, you can use the ones given below. 

  • Jibone jodi bhalo ekta bou paan tobe bhalo. Kintu jodi ekta kharap bou paan tobe aar o bhalo. Er karon hocche ekta kharap bou pele lok philosopher hoye uthbe. 

  • Ekta shami holo janto proman je tader stree comic khub e pochondo koren.

Bengali Wedding Caption

  • Kapurushrao bir hoye othen jokhon stree sathe tar bibaher por birat bank balance gore uthe.

  • There is more usage of hands than any other body part in a marriage. Firstly it is used to hold the wife's hand and then it is used for self defence.

  • Ekta maha purush bolechilen je nijer stree ‘r jonno norok e o jete hole ekta premi ke apotti hote chai naa. Ekhun tara biye kore feleche ar jibon ta norok hoye utheche.

How Can You Use Wedding Quotes in Bengali?

There are many ways you can use the Bengali wedding caption for the newlywed. Some of these ways are listed below.

  • Use them as captions in images that are to be posted on social media. 

  • Write them as messages to send through emails, texts, cards and more. 

  • Send heartfelt notes by writing the marriage quotes in Bengali. 

  • Use it as a message that can be sent along with the gift. 

You can choose other ways to use the wedding caption in Bengali depending on your choice. 

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Fresh Captions and Quotes to Use Anytime

These were some of the top quotes and captions that one can use anytime they want. Whether it is a pre-wedding occasion or you are about to meet the newlywed for the first time after their wedding - these captions can be used. It is essential to know that the above-mentioned captions or quotes are fresh and can be used to set the trend. The newlywed that you would be sending these captions would surely begin to laugh or give a big smile in return as they read it. 

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