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Best Veg Menu For Bengali Wedding


Best Veg Menu For Bengali Wedding        

It's no surprise that food is the most important of all in a Bengali wedding. Not only weddings but Bengalis are known for their love for food. And talking about delicious dishes, they help in offering the finest experience to the guests. A person forgets the glam but food? No!

Is your big day coming soon too? Planning to go the extra mile for your grant event. Besides, the decor and other arrangements, is food your biggest concern? Thinking of lip-smacking vegetarian dishes? Well, here is the best veg menu for a Bengali wedding that will add magic to your day. 

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Which are some Best Vegetarian Dishes for Bengali Weddings?

The more the varieties, the more palatial satisfaction. Starters play a vital role as they create the first and everlasting impression. Besides, the main course is what makes the wedding memorable forever. Because there always comes a vegetarian guest, here are some vegetarian dishes for Bengali weddings both starters and main courses:

1) Vegetarian Starters 

  • Mochar Chop

No Bengali wedding is complete without it. Made with banana blossom, Bengali spices and gram flour batter, this savoury snack is delicious and filling. These deep-fried cutlets and small patties are best served with Kasundi and chutneys.  

  • Veg Pakoras

These are another best. Veggies are coated in chickpea flour batter and then deep-fried. The golden and crisp ads will make anyone crave in a second. 

  • Koraishutir Kochuri

Not including this veg menu for the wedding will be a complete mistake. It is a pea-stuffed puffed bread which is deeply fried. It is delicious, full of flavours and best served with hot cholar dal. 

  • Paneer Tikka Kabab

It falls under the popular Bengali wedding menu veg item. Marinated in aromatic spices, it is grilled to perfection. These pan-fried cubes are a universal item and coated with cottage cheese and tomato sauce. It is the best for vegetarian lovers and people of all ages. 

2) Vegetarian Main Course

  • Chili Phulkopi

For a happy heart, this is a must-have item on the veg menu for a Bengali wedding. This vegetarian dish is prepared with cauliflower, Chinese spices and rich sauce. It is crunchy, flavoursome and delicious. 

  • Aloor Dum

With a satiating taste, this is the best vegetarian main course. This crisp potato contains an amazing blend of spices, herbs and creamy yoghurt. It is best served with Luchi and basanti pulao. It has a creamy taste and is best served with rice and flatbread. The best part is that it is low-budget and loved by all. 

  • Chholar Dal

This is another best veg menu for Bengali weddings. It is prepared with Cholar Dal, coconut, lentils, spices, and beguni. This savoury sweet has a delightful taste. It is loved by every Bengali vegetarian food lover. 

  • Chanar Dalna

It is a famous Bengali traditional main course dish. It is made with potato and cottage cheese and the gravy is lip-smacking. The special herbs and Indian spices add to its taste. 

  • Basanti Pulao

Also known as Mishti Pulao, this sumptuous delicacy is a must-have. The various spices add to its sweet and salty taste. It is best served with aloo dum. 

  • Potoler Dolma

It is a popular main course dish in the list of veg items for Bengali weddings. It is prepared with a pointed gourd with stuffing of cottage cheese, Bengali gram and dry fruits. It also has a creamy gravy and is best served with steamed aromatic rice. 

  • Veg Pulao

It is another must-have and is prepared with Basanti rice and green veggies. Ghee and dry fruits are added to give this dish a delectable taste. 

  • Echorer Dalna

It is an age-old recipe prepared from jackfruit. It is made using garlic, onion, curd and spices. Besides, it has a creamy gravy.  

Some Street Foods to Add 

Some street food will add more love and enjoyment to your big day. So in addition to the veg menu for Bengali weddings, here are some street foods to add:

  • Phuchka 

  • Dahi bada

Some Desserts to Add 

A Bengali wedding is every foodie's dream come true. So in addition to starters and main course, end your mouth-watering feast with some desserts. Because Bengali are famous for their sweet tooth, here are some desserts to add :

  • Sweet chutney and papad

  • Rosogolla

  • Misti doi

  • Sandesh

  • Rajbhog

  • Ice cream 

Is there any Unique Way of Serving Food at your Wedding?

Want to make your wedding an unforgettable one? In addition to the different items, serving also plays an important role. To help you organize an extraordinary wedding, here is how to serve items uniquely:

  1. Aloo Chaat- Soup Spoons

To add decor and charm to your Wedding food settings, serve aloo chaat in soup spoons. Let your guests enjoy the savoury taste in the right amount. 

  1. Gulab Jamuns- Cocktail Glasses

Gulab jamun in cocktail glasses? It will jazz up any wedding. And talking about Bengali, they will not only love the sweet but also the idea of detailed presentation. 

  1. Golgappa- Shot Glasses

Leave the old style of eating Golgappa and hop in the modern Bengali wedding. Use tiny shot glasses, add Phuchka and let your guests enjoy their Golgappa shots.

  1. Paneer Tikka- Sticks

Having paneer tikka on your Bengali veg menu is something you won’t regret. Because they're easy appetizers, the best way to serve them is on sticks. 

Some Tips to Plan your Bengali Wedding Menu

Be it a non-veg or veg menu for a Bengali wedding, here are some tips to make sure everything goes the right way:

  • Choose the serving style according to the room layout and budget. There are many options to choose from such as plated meals, serving stations, buffet, family style, and heavy appetizers.

  • Always keep in mind the time of year. For instance, during summer light and refreshing items are best while during winter heavier selections will work best. 

  • It is your wedding and so are your guests. When creating a wedding menu, think about your guests and what they love. In addition to the basic menu, add some signature dishes. 

  • Also, keep in mind about food allergies and dietary needs. Create a menu with different food items and for closed ones pay special attention to their needs. 

  • Choose the best caterer in town and ask them about how items will be presented. 

  • Ask the caterer and the team to add some special touches to the items for a great impression. 

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