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Unique Gift Ideas Under 500


Unique Gift Ideas Under 500       

Have you ever received a gift that evokes special feelings every time you see it, use it or think about it? There is a high possibility that the gift might not be the most costly one but may have remarkable qualities. The most treasured, unforgettable gifts have the most significance. They are carefully selected items that have been picked out by someone thoughtful. 

Being that kind of present giver may be the first thing you may want to be for someone you know. If there is a wedding, birthday or any other special occasion upcoming, then wait. Picking the right gift must be your first concern. So let's find out about unique gift ideas under 500 Rupees that can help you be that person and bring a big smile to others' faces. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing A Unique Gift Under 500 Rupees 

Before you begin your search for unique gift ideas under 500, there are a few tips that must be kept in mind. These tips will help you to make the right choice. So let's check it out. 

  • Try to know the likings, preferences, needs and the taste of the recipient. 

  • Make sure to be sentimental when choosing the gift for the special someone. 

  • You can choose to be personal when selecting a gift. 

  • Make sure to choose a gift that lasts longer and reminds them of a beautiful moment. 

  • You can also choose something that brings a smile to their face every time they see it. 

  • Get something that can be useful in the long run. 

Best Unique Gift Ideas Under 500 Rupees 

  1. Key Chain 

One of the most unique and thoughtful gifts that you can give to anyone is Key Chains. These are high on usability and are a must-pick if you are sending it to your employees or colleagues. This gift can be used for homes, cars, cupboards, lockers and more. 

It can be given to someone who loses their key every time or forgets it. You can choose to customize the keychains by engraving the name of the recipient on it or you can choose unique ones from any online store. 

Price Range - 

Rs.200 to Rs.450

  1. Wallets 

Wallets are another unique gift idea under 500 Rupees that can be given to any male friend, colleague or partner as well. As it symbolizes great financial stability and success, it can be a thoughtful present for someone whom you want to witness achieve their desired goals in life. 

There are many uniquely designed wallets which you can pick from online and offline stores. You can even connect with someone to customize the wallet and engrave the name of the recipient on it. 

Price Range - 

Rs.150 to Rs.400 

  1. Coffee Mugs and Cups 

If you have a friend who is a cappuccino lover and cannot think of starting their day without one, then coffee mugs and cups make a great gift. 

You can choose from coffee mugs or cups that can be easily customized by adding pictures or names to them. Or you can send magic coffee mugs as well. Surely, they will remember you every time they use it in their home or office.

Price Range - 

Rs. 250 to Rs.450 

  1. Photo Frames 

Another unique gift ideas under 500 are photo frames. They symbolize the way you put importance on memories shared and captured. You can get vintage style or aesthetic and trendy photo frames easily from the market these days. 

But if you want to add a heartwarming touch to the gift, then you can even choose to attach pictures of you and your friend to it to make it priceless. Also, there are photo frames available in the market these days that come with lights that can be switched on at nighttime. 

Price Range - 

Rs.350 to Rs.499 

  1. Wrist Watches 

Wrist Watches are another beautiful gift that can be given to anyone whom you love and adore. There are watches from many brands available in different styles, shapes, sizes and variations. 

If your friend or partner likes watches that come with belts or ones that come in the form of a bracelet, then you can give one to them. Every time, they wear it, they will remember your sweet gesture. 

Price Range - 

Rs.150 to Rs.499 

  1. Lunch Boxes 

Friends love sharing. And one of the most shareable items is the food during lunch breaks at school and in offices. If you are searching for unique gift ideas within 500, then lunch boxes are a great choice. 

There are lunch boxes available in unique styles and colours. Some may even have their favourite cartoon characters imprinted all over. If your friend forgets to bring a tiffin or their food fails to stay hot for a longer period, this gift would be appreciated by them.

Price Range - 

Rs.150 to Rs.450 

  1. Hand-Painted KumKum Box 

If your colleague or best friend has recently gotten married, then why not gift her this auspicious item? Kum Kum holds great significance in a married woman's life as it marks the presence of her husband and her love and respect towards him. 

As you give a Kumkum box, it will be thoughtful. There are customized and hand-painted kumkum boxes available which you can pick. It can also be passed down as a souvenir to others in the family. 

Price Range - 

Rs.250 to Rs.450 

  1. Rose Gold Pendant 

Rose gold has become even trendier than the gold itself. From mobile phones to other items - rose gold is the first choice of many. So why should pendants be left behind? 

Yes, Rose Gold Pendants makes unique gift ideas under 500 Rupees which you can give. You can either choose a pendant with a heart-shaped design or also the initial of their names to add great significance to the item.

Price Range - 

Rs. 250 to Rs.350 

  1. Diaries and Journals 

Here comes another gift item that can be given to your loved ones. Yes, if your loved one likes to write diaries or keep journals, then why not gift them one? There are a plethora of journals and diaries available in the market in different designs. 

Some may have fur cover while others may have a popping unicorn on the cover. You can just pick any of them and send them to the closest person in your life. Not only would it add up to their collection but will also be loved by them. 

Price Range - 

Rs.250 to Rs.450 

  1. Ganesha Idol 

Ganesha Idol is another unique gift idea within 500 that you can give to someone devoted and spiritual. It can be given to a recipient who holds a strong belief towards Lord Ganesha. 

The deity size can be of any and the making material as well. For instance, you can choose an idol made from marble or bronze. You can also choose to give a small idol made from pure silver by contacting any goldsmith nearby.

Price Range - 

Rs. 300 to Rs.450 

  1. Personalized Heart Shaped Pillow 

A personalized heart-shaped pillow is a unique gift idea under 500 that can be selected. This is a great gift for someone who adores cute items or even a couple. 

A personalized pillow is one where the picture of the recipient can be attached in between and the pillow is of the shape of the heart covered with fur. 

Price Range - 

Rs.350 to Rs. 450

  1. Personalized Mobile Cover

Personalized mobile cover is a top unique gift idea within 500 that is both trendy and fashionable at the same time. Such mobile covers are loved by teenagers and people who are too much into social media as it adds up to the aesthetic. 

The personalized mobile cover can include pictures of the recipient in collage form or just a single photo. Apart from this, chains and stones can also be added to enhance the overall look.

Price Range - 

Rs. 300 to Rs.450 

  1. Scented Candles 

Scented candles are unique gift ideas under 500 Rupees which appear as amazing items to give to someone. They are available in a range of fragrances and different sizes. 

The scented candles promote calmness and peace in the environment. And they can be used at the time of bathing or while relaxing alone at home. If you know someone who lives a busy lifestyle, then the scented candles can be given as a thoughtful gift item.

Price Range - 

Rs.250 to Rs.350 

  1. Perfumes 

Last but not least, Perfumes are an amazing gift choice for someone who loves smelling and looking good. There are perfumes of a variety of notes available and from different brands. 

Also perfumes these days come in different bottle shapes. If the recipient loves collecting items like this, then why not add up to their collection and be remembered by them for a lifetime?

Price Range - 

Rs.300 to Rs. 450

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