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Bengali Aiburobhat Gift Ideas Under 500 Rupees


Bengali Aiburobhat Gift Ideas Under 500 Rupees 

Bengali weddings involve various rituals and ceremonies- and that is what is so special about a Bengali Biye. One such important function of every Bengali wedding function is Aiburobhat. It involves the bride and the groom but as separate families. Also, this ritual needs to be organised on the wedding day. 


From delicious foods, the Haldi saree look, Aiburobhat look to the loud music, gossip and dance, everything is exciting on the day. Then comes the interesting part- showing gifts and blessings. Confused about what gift to give? Here are some of the best and cheapest Bengali Aiburobhat gift ideas to know about. 

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Bengali Aiburobhat Rituals

  1. Hand-painted Champagne Bottle 

Once you give a hand-painted bottle of champagne as a gift, it will never be thrown out.  Even when the alcohol is finished, it will still remain a special memory from their special day. In other words, it's an ideal way to say congratulations to someone who loves a bottle of bubbles. Besides, if you have the time and skill, you can also try DIY on your own. Even though it will take a bit of effort, it will surely bring a smile to the bride's face. 

Some Special Tips to Make it Perfect:

  • Add a champagne gift basket to make it look more organised.

  • You can customise it with a date or name-painted banner. 

  • If DIY, you can use metallic spray paint.

  • You can also use patterned tissue papers. 

  • Don't forget to add a sweet and emotional note.  

  • Taking her favourite notes you can personalise the gift. 

  • Make sure the packaging is designed especially for her.  


  1. Bride Pyjama Set 

Another great Bengali Aiburobhat gift idea under Rs 500 is a bride pyjama set. The PJ will be a real winner whether wear them long after the wedding and feel comfortable. And also it is the thing that only a true bestie can give the bride. Besides, there are many options to choose from such as fun pyjamas or cute ones. Overall, it is the perfect shower gift to go for.

Some Special Tips to Make it Perfect:

  • Opt for fancy-looking satin pyjamas.

  • You can add a statement slipper to the gift or a silk eye mask. 

  • To make it even cuter, gift her pyjamas to match her dog. 

  • You can also personalise the set of pyjamas with initials, logos, or special messages.

  1. Customised Handkerchief 

Confused about what gift to give to your best friend on her special day? A customised handkerchief will surely bring happy tears to her face. Talking about customization, you can add phrases such as To my best friend, taking care of you as you may want a hankie for your tears. You can sign with your and name, date and decorate with flowers or images. 

Some Special Tips to Make it Perfect:

  • Turn your design into a keep-safe. 

  • You can customise by doing handwritten embroidery. 

  • Add a personal touch by putting pretty monograms. 

  • Make sure the handkerchief quality is good. 

  • You can also add some chocolates and flowers. 

  1. Personalised Mirror Compact 

Among all other Bengali Aiburobhat gifts, another best is a personalised mirror compact. It's a sentimental pick, be it you're her sister or best friend. Besides, you can also engrave the mirror with sayings such as Sisters/ A true friend is always close to heart, no matter the distance. You can make this present more valuable by adding a customised name or message to the back of the mirror. 

Some Special Tips to Make it Perfect:

  • As it is a pocket mirror, make sure it is lightweight.

  • Look for a palm-sized mirror.

  • Go through the features such as adjustable brightness, LEDs on both sides, etc.  

  • Opt for the latest colours and trends such as on-trend rose gold, modern chrome, etc.

  • Choose from different shapes such as round, square, heart shape, etc. 

  1. Wristwatch

Another useful idea for Aiburobhat gifts is a wristwatch. Everyone wears a regular, and starting it from someone you love feels completely a great idea to symbolise your desire to be remembered every second she wears the watch? You can make it more meaningful by engraving the couple's name or wedding date. As weddings signify the beginning of a new life, watches are the perfect complement to this journey.

Some Extra Tips to Make it Perfect:

  • Go through the watch's features. 

  • Opt for watches with sentimental value. 

  • You can consider purchasing a matching set of watches. 

  •  Choose a trusted brand.

  • Make sure the packaging and presentation are done beautifully. 

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